Di.fm internet Radio? or Yahoo Radio only?

Is it true the Sansa Connect will ONLY play internet radio from yahoo.com?  I looked at the FAQ but it didn’t specifically say anything to this effect…and I am getting mixed signals from reviews on newegg.

I pay for www.di.fm internet radio and I want to listen to it on the Sansa Connect

Di has formatted playlists in .pls and media player format, will they work?

Link to test here:



Sansa Connect will play only internet radio from Y! Launchcast.  It is an integral part of the music discovery features that the Connect was built around that allows downloading subscription music, on demand, while listening.  If your primary interest is to listen to streaming music without subscription based DRM capability from other sources like Digitally Imported, you would probably be better served with a browser based device, such as a Win CE phone,  that will run a player that supports .pls streaming format.

Bummer.  Thank you for the help.