Can i connect to other interent radio stations?

like somafm or

if i cant this sucks and i wont buy it

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nope. Only Yahoo


isnt internet radio supposed to be free?

i would appreciate a firmware update so i can listen to somafm or

otherwise whats the point of buying this?

Internet radio is free, but what does that have to do with the Sansa Connect?  Do you expect to be able to load web pages on it, too?  Internet radio uses a variety of protocols, you can’t expect the Connect to deal with all of them.

Sandisk made an agreement with Yahoo; in theory, the Connect would help to sell Yahoo Music To Go subscriptions, and having Yahoo Music To Go access would help to sell Connects. 

And you can get free Yahoo Launchcast streams on the Connect.  That ability to get free streaming music over WiFi already sets it apart from nearly every other MP3 player.