I purchased a Sansa Connect

I purchased a Sansa Connect in April 2009 and It did not come with

the built in Radio and Y! Music (etc) I was wondering why? Is there a way i can get it on there without getting a new player??

All I have is Music,Photos & Videos and Settings

but I really need it and Thanks for your Help !!

B R:smiley:

Here’s a long thread describing why your current Connect doesn’t have the WiFi abilities, and how to get them back:


But as I said in the other thread, the solution is to update the firmware.

Thanks for the advice but it is kind of hard to follow so can you list each step here to follow to get the internet wifi on my player?

This is the only option available:


I will try it again and see what happens!

How do I update the firmware to get Wifi?

use the recovery tool… everything you will need will be in the link below:


Woah … deja vu …  :wink: