Sansa Connect 4GB Wi-Fi

well…i have a sansa connect 4GB…and there is no option for internet radio and wifi connectivity(which i have come to know through reviews)…can anyone help me know how to connect to int radio and wifi

Update to the latest firmware:

I have the same problem and would love to know!

@bhramadhan wrote:
I have the same problem and would love to know!

Did updating to the latest firmware, as I suggested in my previous post, not work for you?

I have tried that many times and it did not work.

Is there another way?

No … it should have worked, unless SanDisk recently removed the firmware.

Maybe so…

is there another way?

Are you sure you used the Sansa Connect Recovery Tool, not the Sansa Firmware Updater, which are two different utilities?

Also, make sure you follow the instructions on this page exactly:

dude i clicked your link and there is no filmware…

That’s because Sandisk moved the firmware, but they also removed the WiFi capabilities.

I think you already found the WiFi thread, from another post of yours.  For anyone else reading this thread, follow the seventh post in this thread to get the firmware with WiFi:

I am a newbie, and I have a different question about the 4Gb Sansa Connect wifi.  I bought one, followed your instructions forusing the SanDisk Recovery utility to replace the default firmware with wifi-capable firmware that you linked.  A few falsestarts, but once I downloaded the right pdf manual and followed instructions, wifi came up with no problems.  I then logged it onto my home network.

Here’s my question: what can I really do with it?  I had to return mine to the vendor for a refund before I could really play around with it (non-working volume control).  I’m undecided whether to replace it with another refurbed Connect, or a new Fuze2.  My choice depends in part on what added value a wifi-enabled Connect delivers.  If I followed discussion on this forum correctly, the only web source for services I can connect to is still Yahoo, even in its diminished form.   That gets me some internet radio stations I suppose.  In airports and other hotspots, I get to listen to Yahoo-enabled web music stations, instead of the Fuze’s FM stations.  Am I missing anything?  So a refurbed Connect has a street price around 45$ less than a new 8Gb Fuze, and a better screen if I cared to watch videos and jpegs on it.  A new Fuze though has a full one year factory warrenty, and in the version I’d buy, double the internal memory.  As for the wifi feature on the Connect, if I’m not overlooking something, in current form it just ain’t no big whoop, know what I mean?

Thanks for your help, including all the great information I found in this and other threads.

Well, you’re talking about FM radio versus Yahoo’s Launchcast stations, right?  It’s all about music discovery (music the device can play that you didn’t load on it yourself).  Are you happy with FM?  Do you enjoy the DJs, the setlists etc?

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Sounds like you’ve got it right. 

  • It’s 2.2" landscape vs. 1.9" portrait, giving a bigger picture difference than just .3" diagonal.

  • Battery life on the Connect is worse.  

  • Better auto-resume (for podcasts, audiobooks) on the Fuze.

  • You get to see your Flickr pics, plus a few random others I believe (never use this except to try it). 

  • I like the speaker on the Connect.  

  • Lots of Genres to choose from when around the house (wi-fi), with Stand Up Comedy a go-to mood changer. 

  • Note that if you ever decide to pick up another MP3 player (refurb Clips run under $20 and are great workout players), it will most likely have FM, so if you’re planning to listen to particular programming, or going away from wi-fi, you’ll take that player.

If I were on a budget, for the price of a Fuze… me personally?  I’d probably get a Connect and also get a Clip+ in the capacity I want when it gets down to that pricepoint (a new 4GB Clip+ is $47 on Amazon, maybe the 8GB refurb will be at $45 soon).  But if my budget were in limiting the number of gadgets, I don’t know which I’d pick.

Thank you both for the information.  I have on order a Sansa Connect 4gb refurbed unit, replacing the defective one I had to return.  Now I have a follow-up question.

I seek help selecting the best firmware for my purposes.  I want to re-activate wi-fi capability, so that I can connect with web fm through my Yahoo account.  I also want to be able to use a sdhd card (8gb).  I read in Wikipedia’s entry on the Connect that only after a firmware update was the Connect able to read high density cards.  Will the earlier firware version with wi-fi capability be late enough to support 8 or 16gb cards?  This info is probably on-site somewhere, but my search attemps have failed to find it.  Thanks.

Yes, the WiFi firmware will support a 16GB card.

Not sure what you mean by “web fm”.  Once the WiFi firmware is installed, the Connect will be able to receive and play a limited set of Yahoo Launchcast streams.

Thanks!  I couldn’t think of the name.  I do wish we could go beyond the limited set of internet radio options on Yahoo Shoutcast, but as you said earlier, that’s still probably better than FM radio in most locations.


I will return my generic MP4 (which I use only as a MP3, but I bought it because it uses a nokia cellular phone battery, so that I can recharge it inside my nokia phone, and also buy anoter one to have more batery time available).

I see here in Argentina few Sansa Products, and veryfew for a price I can pay.

I can buy a COnnect. 4gb. 

I´d like to know how much time should the battery last, continuos use. 10? Seller says 14! I cannot believ it is true, 14 hours non stop playing music? Is it true?

Second question: I am returning my MP$ because its random play functions are none. It always picks the same themes! With a Connect, may I random inside a subfolder? I mean, May a play only a subfolder, in random mode? And may I play all the music of all folders in random play, with a good random algorithm which does not let me listen all the time the same themes?

Therd question: I have bought a Kingston 8gb microsd. Is it true that there are compatibility issues with COnnect??? Or it was for other players? It was just for videos? SO I can use MP3 music from Kingston card with no problem on my COnnect?

The Sansa Connect doesn’t organize music by folders, it organizes music by tags (Artist, Album, Song name etc.) and (optionally) playlists.  If you want to preserve your songs in groups as they are stored on your computer in folders, you’ll need to either tag them that way, or put them into playlists based on your computer’s folders.

Regarding battery usage … assuming you’re not using the WiFi functions, 10 hours seems about right.  With WiFi, about 4 hours, in my experience.

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But I do not understand, do you mean that this player cannot be used as a pendrive? My generic MP4 player can store anything. Imean, it cannot read everything, but if I need to carry some file, I can upload them on the microsd, connect the microsd to player, player to pc, y download files from player to pc and viceversa.

So, I can just copy the entire folder on the microsd while it is in the player, and even in the player’s flash memory.

What about Connect?

Anyway, if it is just playlists, you mean that I create as many playlists as folders I need (ie Rock, PoP, Jazz, etc)?

What about if I want to play a playlkist in random mode. Can I? It is as Winamp? In winamp you can play playlists in random mode…

Between a Fuze 8gb for 88US$ abd a Connect WIFI 4GB for 57 or 65US$, some suggestions?

I cannot find dimensions of the two players… I need something small and light and with lot of battery time… I do not need good and big display. But I like dedicated buttons…

Ah, and what about the Kingston card?