Sansa Connect 4GB

i have a sansa connect 4GB
i purchased it about 2-3 years ago
until a week ago, i had no problem
But then the problem started after i formatted my system
i ran the sansa connect recovery device but it did more bad than good. Once i used the recovery tool, the wifi system of the device disappeared. Also i cant transfer any videos to the device as the sansa firmware updater (which is required to download the sansa media converter) won’t recognize my device.
so the problems are:
problem 1> now the device is not wifi enabled
problem 2> i am not able to download the sansa media converter as the sansa firmware updater won’t recognize my device and                      displays the message “no updates available”.

Problem 1>WiFi is now disabled and no longer supported.

Problem 2>Try this.

that site is oozing with virus…

As TapeWorm stated, the WiFi functions are no longer supported on the Sansa Connect.  The recovery tool you executed intentionally removed them.  Even if you hadn’t removed them, you wouldn’t be able to use the WiFi functions anyway, as Yahoo no longer provides the media (eg, Launchcast audio streams) to the Sansa Connect.

Regarding videos, you’ll need to convert them to a format the Sansa Connect can display, and then transfer them manually.

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