connect recovery tool

Can anyone tell me what happens If i connect my wi-fi enabled connect to the non-wifi recovery tool ?

Will it take over and do what it wants to my connect, or will I be able to control the situation.

I am under the impression that it might work like the sansa updater program used with other sansa products and offer me a list of things that I might download or cause to happen to the connect. I am thinking that I would be able to get the media converter program using the recovery tool, as my “sansa updater” program does not seem to work with my connect.

It just keeps looking for upates and can’t seem to identify my connects model and software version.

If you allow the non-WiFi recovery tool to run, after you connect your Connect, it will replace the WiFi firmware with non-WiFi firmware, and you will lose your WiFi features.

But you have no reason to do this, because the Connect has been discontinued and there will be no future firmware updates available for it.

Someone may have recently posted a link to the Sansa Media Converter program, but I don’t know where it is.  But you don’t need to use SMC to convert videos for your Connect.  There are plenty of other programs that will do it.  A popular one is “Any Video Converter.”  Just convert your videos to MPEG-4 format.  Then connect your Connect to USB, and copy the converted videos to the “My Computer\Sansa Connect\Internal Memory\Video” directory.

If I were to run the recovery tool and lose wi-fi, would I be able to get the most up to date firmware that was ever available for the connect? I am not sure what version it had before I restored the wi-fi. I got the impression from some of the posts in the forums that it might help with supporting the larger capacity micro sd cards. Perhaps there are other benefits to be had by insuring the firmware is up the most current version. I am not certain, but I was thinking that restoring the wi-fi did not roll back the complete firmware situation in the sansa connect, just re-enabled the wi-fi part ???.

I would be able to get it back wi-fi capability using the method described in the (enable wi-fi thread) wouldn’t I?

Also, I find it hard to resist the urge to tinker with my toys.

The WiFi firmware which is mentioned in the (enable wi-fi thread) is the most up-to-date.  It supports microSDHC cards up to 16GB (and possibly 32GB although I don’t know of anyone who’s tried one), as well as video playback.

If you do choose to run the no-WiFi version of the Recovery Tool, you could then run the method described in the (enable wi-fi thread), but there’d be no point in doing that as you would just be completing replacing the firmware twice.  You might as well just go immediately to the method described in the (enable wi-fi thread). 

If you want to do this in order to get the Sansa Media Converter (and I’m not sure you will anyway), I would recommend just using a different video conversion tool, like Any Video Converter.