secure access not working

i just bought a sandisk cruzer switch 8GB but the secure access function isn’t working.when i click on it, it waits for some time then the computer either crashes, or the flash drive is shown as completely empty but after i restart the computer, it’s not empty anymore.

I bought the same product a few days ago. I put about a gig of songs on there and it took about 40 mins to copy them to the drive. Now that I’m trying to transfer them to another pc, I get a ‘program not responding’ message. Nice. Probably going to take this in for a refund…

If SanDisk is reading this… way to go on creating such a worthless product.

Hi everybody

I fixed the problem reformatting the flash drive in NTFS

After that, my flash drive works perfecly in Windows 7 x34 and x64, Vista, XP…all the OS


I’ll bet if you simply deleted the 2 files and 3 folders it would work as well in FAT32 format.  :wink: