SanDisk Cruzer Force - Not Recognised by SecureAccess


I recently had to wipe my Cruzer Force drive via the diskpart ‘clean’ command.

This completely wipes all volumes from the drive leaving it totally unallocated.

Now, after formatting it to NTFS, I save the SanDisk SecureAccess .exe to the drive, and when running it I get a popup saying:

“This application only runs on a SanDisk flash drive.” 

The hardware properties of the drive recognise it as a SanDisk Cruzer Force flash drive, so I don’t understand why SecureAccess won’t work anymore.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.


Apparently SecureAccess identifies a drive based on something you cleaned off.  Formatting doesn’t remove it but cleaning apparently does.  Maybe something in the partition table.

BTW I never recommend NTFS for removable drives.  FAT only; FAT32 or exFAT.  The NTFS journeling slows the drives down.

I suspected this also.

Is there any way to get SecureAccess working again?

Does it need a special partition created for it as an identifier or something?

None that I am aware of.  I suggest returning the drive for a replacement.

Ah nuts.

No point in returning it at this point, I’ve had it for a couple of years and I guess wiping it would class the fault as my own doing so.

Thanks anyway.