SanDisk 64GB Cruzer Blade USB Flash Pen Drive Memory Stick


I have just bought 2 x 64GB cruzer blade flash drives and tried to install secure access on both but for some unknown reason, apperantly, i cant. A window pops up and says that only sandisk flash drives can run this application and yes, i m running the application on the flash drives. I ve also tried it on different pcs and different windows but with the same outcome. Any help is much appriciated

where did you purchase the drives? you may want to contact sandisk support and get the drive authenticated. 

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Ive bought them from ebay. I’ll contact Sandisk and let them know. Thanks

I am having exactly the same problem.

Just purchased from Amazon in a sealed package.

Will not run.


I would return them to the Amazon seller tomvinson

Of course knowing what you’re trying to use them for might help.  64 GB drives and up are formated as exFAT.  Does what you’re trying to use them for support exFAT formatted drives?