Secure Access Manager error message when shutting down computer

I am using Windows 7 with Internet Explorer.  I use SanDisk Cruzer and have SanDisk Secure Access with password protection.  When I am finished with the Cruzer and want to safely remove it from the USB connection I go to the system tray and right click on the Secure Access Vault and click on Exit and then go to the Safely remove Icon and click on it and click on remove Cruzer. After I do this I have a Secure Access Manager vault icon with what looks like a red X in it left in the system tray. If I right click on this vault I get a drop down menu that has "About, Exit and enable Notification. If I exit the vault goes away but comes back next time I start computer. I can’t seem to get an answer from SanDisk support on what this vault is for???

My problem is when I shut the computer down, sometimes even though I have not used the Cruzer in a few sessions, I get an error message for a forced shut down. The message says "SanDisk secure Access_manager.exe-application error     X

X       The instruction at 0x014c6dfd referenced memory at 0x00000000. The memory could not be read.

Click on the OK to terminate the program.                OK "

Can anyone tell  me why I am getting this message? Am I trying to shut down to fast and this Secure Access manager is running in the background all the time? I click on OK and the computer shuts down OK, and it only happens sometimes.

Thank you,

     Tom S

that vault is actually the Secure access manager application. the manager is a service that you have the option to install when configuring SecureAccess. the service runs in the background and when a USB drive is inserted with secure access it detects it and initiates autolaunch or the secure access program. you can uninstall the manager from add remove programs but you will have to manually launch secure access. 

Thank you,

     I thought that is what the second vault was for. Why do you figure I am getting that error message?