SanDisk Secure Access Manager application Error

A lot of times when I go to turn off my computer and I click shut down I get a window that I have to click on X to get the programs that are running SENS and Secure Access Manager to close before computer will shut down. the window says;


SanDisk Secure Access_Manager.exe-Application Error

X       The intruction at 0x014c6dfd referenced memory at 0x00000000. The memory could not be read.

Click on the OK to terminate program



Does anyone know what this is about?

Thank you,


“Does anyone know what this is about?”

Yes.  You have not closed out SecureAccess and Safely Removed the USB drive prior to shutting down the machine.

If you’re running on a Windows 7 64 bit machine SecureAccess doesn’t close out completely when you close the window.  I’ve found that on 64 bit versions of Windows 7 if you set RunsSandiskSecureAccess_Win.exe to run in Compatibility mode for Vista SP2 it works as it should.

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Hi Ed,

   Thank you very much. I think you have hit the nail on the head. I am running Windows 7 64bit OS. I do exit the SanDisk Secure Access by clicking on one of the vaults in the system tray and also the safely remove drive icon. Notice I say one of the vaults, as there are two. I believe one is for the session with the thumb drive that you are using at the time and the other that runs all the time which causes the password window to pop up when you insert your cruzer. Am I right? The vault icon that causes Secure Access Manager to run all the time in the background has a little green circle on it with maybe a check in the middle of the circle. I can’t make it out.  If I right click on that vault I get a window with three options  ABOUT, EXIT and Enable Notification. If I click on Exit the Icon will disappear but when I boot up again it returns. Keep in mind I am not even using the thumb drive. I think you are right and the Secure Access Manager software that runs all the time is slow to close prompting the force shut down window, although I do not understand “The memory could not read” in the application error???

Ed can you tell me how you set RunsSanDiskSecure Access_Win.exe to run in Compatibility mode for Vista SP2?

Thank you,

    Tom Spero

Hi Ed,

    I also want to mention that this is the response I am getting from tech support at  SanDisk. It does not sound right as the SanDisk Secure Access Vault icon will just reappear when I boot up again. Some thing is not running right and I am certainly not going to do this every time I use the computer. Do you agree? I want to try your compatibility mode fro Vista.

Thank again Ed,

     Tom Spero

Here is Sandisk support response:

Dear Thomas,
Thanks for emailing SanDisk Technical Support. It is our goal to make sure you have all the resources you need to get the most from your product.
I appreciate your continued response.
I would request you to press CTRL + ALT and delete from your keyboard to get the force close or end task option. From there go to the applications tab. There you will see the Secure Access Manger. You will have to choose that options and then click on end task. If you do not see the SanDisk Secure Access under the applications tab then click on processes tab just next to applications tab and then try to find Secure Access Manager. Choose the option Secure Access Manager and then click on end processes.

I did not install the Secure Access Manager, nor sign up for the 2GB of online storage.  Too much for my needs.  So I can’t address any problems with them.

As for running RunSanDiskSecure Access_Win.exe in Compatibility mode RIGHT click on the .exe, in the window that opens click on Properties at the bottom of the window. This will open the RunSanDiskSecure Access_Win.exe Properties window.  Click on the Compatibility tab.  Then click on the Run this program in compatibility mode  option, select the Vista (SP2) option, and click on the Change settings for all users button at the bottom of the window.  Then click on the Apply and Ok buttons.


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WATCH OUT with Sandisk Secure Access.  The first time I tried to run this POS program and it gave me a Blue Screen of Death on my Windows 7 64 bit machine.  I didn’t buy the flash drive for that so I just rebooted and deleted all the crap they put on.  Don’t they bother to test their software?  I hope I have better luck with the hardware.

I too had trouble with San Disk Secure Access. After contacting the company many time s I just gave up. Do not use and I got rid of it on all flash drives by formatting the drive.

"I got rid of it on all flash drives by formatting the drive."

Deleting the 3 files is quicker.  And doesn’t impact the drive’s performance.  You can use Windows Explorer or even a Command Prompt window to do the deletes.  DEL flashdriveletter:*.*