Can't uninstall Sandisk secure access manager and since installed crashes my pc

Hi. I hope someone can help me. I am running windows 7 and recently purchased a Sandisk USB with the secure access manager software. I installed this today, but I am not 100% sure it installed properly because a windows message appeared saying there was soome doubt this had installed. Not long after this, the PC crashed and wouldn’t restart without a repair. I have tried to uninstall the sandisk program, both through the ‘uninstall’ option with the software itself in the START button, and also through the control panel. Each time I try to do this, it won’t follow my instructions because a message appears in the bottom right saying I must turn off the sandisk program before uninstalling. The thing is I can’t see that it is running. no USB in the PC and no program running in system manager. Is it running secretly in the background?

I really want to take the program off because I can’t risk the PC crashing like this.

Thanks, I appreciate your help.

SecureAccess resides and runs from the USB drive.  There is no install. 

To remove it delete the files on the USB drive.  If windows says they are in use remove the USB drive, reboot the pc, reinsert the USB drive, open Windows Explorer, open the USB drive’s folder, highlight the 3 or 4 files, press Del key.


Brilliant. This has fixed it. When I put the USB back in after rebooting windows said there was an error with the program and it closed it for me. I will take the disc back to the store and get another.

Many thanks

Can not uninstall  Scan Disk Access Manager, it came with some software I downloaded and than uninstalled.

Can you please help me?

Read the 2nd posting in this thread.

This doesn’t work for me. Neither on Windows nor Mac.

If you cannot uninstall it, then there’s a work around.

Use System Restore instead. It reverts back to an earlier time. Select the date where you don’t have this installed yet.