I can't delete Secure Access

If try deleting the files it gives me a error saying “this file is being run somewere else” or "cannot delete database.db. If I hit the “uninstall” botton in start menu program files or in “add or remove programs” it just adds a another tiny safe to the bottom right that just disappears and NOTHING HAPPENS. I can’t get rid of it. It’s like it doesn’t want to die or something. Is the SecureAccess sentient?

Not sure what you’re finding in your Start menu, SecureAccess doesn’t require installing,  it runs directly from the USB drive,

 thus there is no entry in the Start menu for uninstalling it,.  To remove SecureAccess simply delete the .exe file on the USB drive.

As for your “file is being run” problem try rebooting the machine before attempting the delete.  If that doesn’t free it maybe your antivirus program is holding onto it. 

Start button> All programs> SanDisk SecureAccess Manager> Uninstall

SecureAccess doesn’t work unless the Flashdrive is in but there is definitely a uninstall option. Also, I’ve tried deleting the .exe file and it just gives me the “It’s running somewhere else error”.

I’m running windows xp.

Ok, now I understand.  See if this link helps with SecureAccess Manager:


In particular the link to: http://kb.sandisk.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5225/related/1

Additionally, if you run it at safe mode, you should be able to delete those files with no problems.