Hello, I stored alot of data onto the cruzer 16GB flash drive using the drag and drop to the vault icon on my desktop & add files method.

Worked great, but I accidently deleted the factory installed software : ( RunSanDiskSecureAccess.exe) etc

I still have the SanDiskSecureAccess_Manager.exe on my pc.

Now My flash opens a blank window and the light on the thing flashes steady.

Can I recover from this?

Or is this flash useless now?

thank you


there is a secure access post stickied at the top of this board. redownload it and reinstall it. you may want to format the drive first just to clean everything up. 

Hello, I also accidentally formatted my Sandisk Cruzer Blade GB (SDCZ50-008G) , thus deleting the files including the factory installed software/s. Good thing, i had the files saved on my computer. Please help how could i recover the factory installed software. 

Follow the advice drlucky posted above your posting.

i do not see a secure access post stickied anywhere!  help please…

It’s the 4th post down from the top . . . here.

I am having the same problem as the above poster, and upon downloading and running the program mentioned, I keep getting an error asking to run the program from an external device.

“My computer” wont show the device, and I have gone through the driv updating/drive letter change options mentioned on the website.

Any other ideas who I may be able to use this flash drive again?

i can dot installatie

Hola or favor necesito saber como desbloquear los documentos para borrar  y copiar en el pendrai

I am getting a problem to access vaults… it shows message as"Sandisk SecureAccess is already open"… please help me out in this…

Shut down Windows.  Remove USB flash drive.  Reboot Windows.  Reinsert USB flash drive.  Does it work now?

I accidentally deleted one of the two icons in my SanDisk Usb that uses 

SanDisk® SecureAccess 2.0

could you send me a link to files that I could download, that would replace those files. Thank You.

This what you’re looking for?

Hello there,
I have a doubt. If I safeguard my data into sandisk secure access and afterwards anybody accidentally delete my .exe file and application and then am I able to get my data back ?
Your response will be appreciated

hmmm Interesting question.  I would say probably not.  But if the vault is deleted and NOTHING is written to the drive it might be possible to recover the vault.  Reinstalling the .exe should not be a problem if the vault is recovered.

But that is just my opinion.

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