Sandisk Cruzer Secure Vault Access Error


I am using an Sandisk Cruzer and have created several secure vaults that I could access until a few days ago. Since then

I get an error message whenever I run RunSanDiskSecureAccess_Win.exe from the stick, telling me

Please run SanDisk Secure Access from a SanDisk external device

However, the program is run from the external drive, but does not seem to be aware of that.

Are there any workarounds (I saw a couple of solutions to similar problems and tried them,none worked so far)?

I would like to try if installing the Secure Access Manager could solve the problem, but it seems you can only

install it the first time you create a vault?

Many thanks in advance!

Two things that may help:

Unplug (Safely) the USB drive and reboot.

From a Command Prompt run CHKDSK on the USB drive’s drive letter.


First of all thank you for the ideas. Unfortunately none of them worked. I don’t have the slightest clue what

else to do right now to access my data (that I need urgently). I hope not all is lost when relying on Sandisk

sticks and the accompanying software. The system is a standard windows 7 system, and the access worked

for some time without any problems. Is there anything known that might cause the software to fail in identifying

the Sandisk stick?



I have the same issue with my Sandisk Cruzer. On my pc/netbook with windows 7 64-bit SP1 ive got command :Please run SanDisk Secure Access from a SanDisk external device"<font color="#000000"> On pc with windows XP i dont have this error. This error command i have since last update of Secure Access. Can you fix it ASAP? I try with fresh downloaded version of secure access, chkdsk, other USB (2.0 and 3.0) and still doesn`t work.

have since last update of Secure Access.”

Update?  What update?

I try with fresh downloaded version of secure access

And did you extract the file to the USB drive?


3 or 4 weeks ago i run my secure acces from USB drive. After  start the program showed a message that the new version is available and start download to my USB drive. When update finished the download and installation I tried to run Secure Access but unfortunately since then the program returns an error which I wrote about above.

Yesterday I tried to run the program in compatibility mode with previous versions of windows; still program returns an error.

Fresh version of secure access was extracted to the USB drive.

Version of Secure Access software: 1.1.19755

Product ID: 69

Readed from secure access on windows XP sp3.

hmmmm I don’t know what to tell you then.  Sorry.  Hopefully someone with more experience than I will join in.

You are not the only one facing this problem. Even i m dacing this. First I got “Run SecureAccess from an esternal source” and now i am getting “SecureAccess is already open click on the window to display current session” even though it isn’t open. Please help.

If you’re running Windows check the icons in the Taskbar near the clock.  Do you see a SecureAccess icon there?  If not do you see an arrow to expand the bar?  If so click on the arrow and a small window will open showing icons that are hidden.  Do you see SecureAccess there?

If the above fail, click Ctrl+Alt+Del and when the Windows 7 selection windows opens click on Start Task Manager. In the Windows Task Management windows click on the Applications tab.  Do you see SecureAccess running there?

Shortcut virus attack on my drive. i have official data in Secure Vault .  All file shows shortcut. & main drive show hidden.If i click on login it says - Failure reading the filesystems file. i can’t open my secure vault . Please suggest any solution.

Can you display the Drive batch file, with Notepad?

What files do the two SecureAccess shortcuts point to?  ( RIGHT click on them then click on Properties to show it)

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