RunSanDiskSecure Access.exe file (VAULT Set Up) damaged due to accepting softeare update

I just purchased the Cruzer USB 2.0 Flash Drive.  While initially executing the RunSanDiskSecureAccess_Win.exe file (note the pdf file on flash drive calls this file **RunSanDiskSecureAccess.exe); **I said yes to the prompt to accept an on-line software update for the flash drive.  Something went wrong with the online software update and the VAULT program was never set up correctly.  Now it appears a file related to the VAULT set up program has been corrupted and I cannot open the vault program or re-run the   RunSanDiskSecureAccess.exe.   Every time I try to re-run the  RunSanDiskSecureAccess.exe    program I get the Windows error message that asks if I want to report the error.  How do I get past this mess.  It seems to me I need to be able to download and install the original CRUZE files that come on the flash drive.  Any suggestions from anyone?


Thanks for your comment, but if you read my original posting I state that when I re-ran RunSanDishSecureAccess_Win.exe I get the standard windows error box pop up stating an error has occured and do I want to report the error to Microsoft.  The RunSanDishSecureAccess_Win.exe appears to be deamaged so I need a new copy of the software that comes pre-loaded on the CRUZE.

Did you try the ‘sticky’ post (shaded grey) at the top of the board, aptly entitled

SanDisk SecureAccess (Password and Encryption Software)?

Thanks.  I have just downloaded the new file to my CRUZER Sandisk expecting a prompt “did I want to overite the existing file” that was already there but did not get the prompt.  This is because of a slight difference in the way the downloaded file is named.  The downloded file uses a  “-” (dash) before Win.exe in the file name as opposed to an “_” (underscore) in the original file name on the CRUZER.  Should I delete the original file and rename the downloaded file before executing the file?

I would just delete the older file and run the new one named as-is.

I did exactly as you said.  The first time I did it I no longer got the Widows error reporting box pop up and it created a .pem file on my CRUZER, but it never took me into the vault prgram to register?

I then Unpluged the CRUZER and plugged it in again and executed the file and nothing happened.  Did not even create the .pem file.  There must be other files on the CRUZER that the executable file talks to that are damaged.  Can I get a complete relod of thes files?