SanDiskSecureAccess_Win not launching vault password screen

Really hoping someone can help, ive spent a good few hours now searching the forum to see if anyone has posted the exact same question but i can’t find anything (unless im using the wrong terminology?)

Ok, so I have a Cruzer Glide USB (64gb) I’ve had it over a couple of years and never had any issues. Last time i used it was probably about 4 months ago. Came to use it yesterday on the exact same PC Ive always used (Windows 7) and when I click on the exe file I get the usual blue rectangle Pop up (inc picture of safe) small text on the right saying ‘powered by YuuWaa’ it stays on the screen for about 20 seconds then disappears… and thats it. I never get the screen appear where I can enter my password. The exe is called SanDiskSecureAccess_Win (file/product version) 1.1.19755.0. Ive also disabled the security and antivirus and it doesnt make any difference. Does anyone know if there is a way to fix this so that I can get to the password screen? Many thanks.

I would suggest upgrading SecureAccess to the current version 3, but I believe there have been posts by some that it initialized the vault, which I find unlikely but apparently it happened to a few people.  But you may not have many options to try.

Try writing to SanDisk support and see what they suggest.