SDSSDA-120G-G25 and HD Sentinel

Hi everybody,

2 weeks ago I’ve bought a SDSSDA-120G-G25. Since years I use HD sentinel to check my hard disks, and after an update to version 4.60 I’ve found what you can see in this screenshot

the value used for ssd health is #169 Remaining life percentage (22)

I was horrified by that and tried a smart analisys with Sandisk Dashboard, this is the result

All seems ok and full working…

the different value between the two softwares is media wearout indicators: in HDSentinel is #74 and in sandisk dashboard is 0,00% 

Witch is true?

Thanx for any help and answer



in that case where the SSD is a product of Sandisk i would trust the official SSD Dashboard software that is also recommended by Sandisk direct.

If you are not sure about the smart values i would recommend contacting the support of Sandisk direct to clear you out. 

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Hi, I agree with you, but, to be sure, I’ll ask to sandisk support.

thanx for all


You are most welcome and i hope that you will receive all the information you need