Drive health not stable

I own a Sandisk Extreme SSD. It has been about 4-5 months that its 3 year warranty ended.

I have been using Sandisk SSD Dashboard application to monitor its health. Yesterday i upgraded the application to When i just ran the app, It started saying the “Drive Health” is “Poor”. I was very worried so I ran both SMART Diagnostic Short Test and Extended test in Dashboard. It passed both. SSD life left is %99 . Also a 3rd party freeware app named CrystalDiskInfo is saying that the drive is healthy.  BUT, the “Drive Health” in Dashboard still shows “Poor”!

I noticed that in my last boot, it started with “Drive health: Poor”,  switched to “Normal”. Then Poor, Normal and Poor at the final again! And these happened just in 20-25 min.

CrystalDiskinfo still says there is no problem. So does SMART tests of Dashboard app.

Which one should i trust? SMART results of Dashboard and CrystalDiskInfo ? Or Dashboard saying sometimes that Drive Health is Poor?

Thanks a lot!


install smartmontools.

execute code in terminal smartctl -x /dev/sda 

(it is /dev/sda if ssd is your primary drive , sdb if its secondary drive)

you can see completed life of your drive from “percentage used endurance indicator” attribute (it will %100 when drive is near to death)

Ekran Görüntüsü (211).png

Seems to be ssd dashboard have pretty much issue with device health counters.

i have similiar issue , it cant report health very well. but smartctl works pretty good

Interestingly enough, i got the same report with 1444. I just updated to 2330 and now it’s reporting NORMAL. Something ISN’T normal about that… Now I’m not sure if my drive is failing or in POOR condition as reported with 1444…