MWI and health report issue on SSD Plus

Hello. I noticed Media Wearout Indicator is wrong on SSD Plus. Tried to change on xml files but health stays same

SSD Plus disks have 15nm nand , so wear count spec is 3000  . I have 102 Average Erase Count. Media Wearout Indicator value is 0,03% . But it should be 102/3000*100=3,4%



 Smartctl wearout statistic :


I hope developers can fix this issue

How can i report issue to developer ? I checked ssd dashboard but there is no space about feedback…

Seems to be nobody is checking this forum

this may be a FW issue not related to the dashboard itself. Please submit a support ticket to sandisk support so they can look into the issue.

Both. ssdplus reports MWI in 1% frequency , ssd dashboard recognizes MWI as 0,01%. it can solved with firmware update or app update 

I will try to send a ticket. Thanks.

Hello ugurkrl,

Welcome to the SanDisk Community. As drlucky suggested can you please open a ticket with SanDisk support? Also when you open the ticket please include the full Dashboard report. 


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SMART Report is wrong in report too… MWI is %0 in report csv file , i will send it anyway.


Edit : i sent ticket. Waiting for results & update

Can you post the full smartctl output?



Thanks, there is also a number on the SSD label that starts with 54-99-XXXXX-XXXX, can you also provide that number? 

Sorry it took some time to take apart pc.

Number is 54-99-25841-120G

Model : SDSSDA-120G

WWN : 5001B44F17A8295C

And i forgot , this drive really needs to be updated…

i bought a cheap chinese ssd for IoT board.It have sm2246xt too , WAF stucks on 1,7 even disk is full. But most of SSD PLUS and Z400 users have more WAF than 2,2. Its definitely not normal…