SanDisk SSD Plus - different "generations", different behaviours?

When it comes to refit older systems, I find the price/performance ratio of SanDisk SSD Plus drives being the best option; conversely, I couldn’t help but notice some weird discrepancy and odd behavior every now and then – nothing to worry about, however quite puzzling.

A few months back, I installed a SSD Plus (Z2200RL) on my old Sony Vaio: so far so good, after about 800 Gb written and a decent average WAF set at 1.18, media wearout indicator is stuck at 0%. At the beginning of the month, I installed a second SSD Plus (Z32070RL) on a different Vaio, and I couldn’t help but notice a few differences (probably due to the SSD’s architectural change) on this one, the most prominent being the differentiation between NAND GB Written between TLC and SLC (the Z2200RL only has TLC) on the SMART’s report; however, after only 450 Gb written (WAF at .68), I noticed the wearout indicator at .2% going up about .01% every couple of day or so.

While I am fairly sure about this not being a reason for concern (failure will eventually occur in 41 years, giving the wearout rate being constant), I find this behaviour quite odd. Any clue?


in that case it could be that the first version of the drive had an issue with reading the correct values with the ssd dashbaord that was fixed now with the new version. so i do not think that this is something to worry about

Hi schnuffyrex,

I am prone to exclude any issue related to SSD Dashboard (currently 1.4.3) as it seems to be a Z2200 firmware glitch as the SMART Attribute 230/0xE6 (Percentage total P/E count/Media Wearout indicator/Drive life protection status/etc.) is apparently not written, therefore my SSD will last forever :smiley:. While it goes without saying that I second your opinion about being absolutely nothing to be concerned about, I am curious to understand if this issue has been reported with other Z2200 as well.