"Life Remaining" is "Not Supported" for SanDisk Ultra II 480GB

Recently I bought a SanDisk Ultra II 480GB SSD disk and replaced (cloned) my boot disk in my Sony VAIO notebook.

I installed SanDisk SSD Dashboard 1.4.1 on my notebook. On the status page everything is OK for the SanDisk Ultra II 480GB SSD disk, but in the " Life Remaining" box “Not Supported” is displayed. Why is this?

Under “Tools” | “S.M.A.R.T” | “Advanced Details”:

233  Media Wearout Indicator is 1.68%


241  Host GB Written is 186

What can I deduce from this information?

Model String: SanDisk Ultra II 480GB
Maximum LBA: 937703088

Hi fedkad,

Can you create and export a report from the Help menu and send it to me by private messages?


I sent you a PM. Thank you!

Any news?

Thank you…

I do have the same problem on the exact same drive, an Ultra II 480GB Should I PM you the report?

Hi ANXHaruhi,

I couldn’t get any response from georgealon. But I am just curious: Can you post the following S.M.A.R.T. information from your Dashboard?

  5 Re-assigned NAND Block Count

170 Grown Bad Block Count

199 CRC Error Count

233 Media Wearout Indicator

234 NAND GB Written SLC

241 HOST GB Written

242 HOST GB Read

Hi Guys,

I know there is a problem with “Life Remaining”, especialy with new drives. I am working on it and should have an update soon.


Hi Guys,

Please exit and re-launch the Dashboard application. The Media Wearout attribute should be 230 and not 233.

Please check and let me know.


Hi georgealon,

There is no change. Dashboard is still 1.4.1. And I checked for Dashboard update also.

But, you are right:

233 (E9) is Total GB Written to NAND

230 (E6) is Percentage Total P/E Count

as reported by CrystalDiskInfo.

In the link below you will find a screenshot from CrystalDiskInfo:


Could you try to reboot your system?

At least 5 times since your previous post.

Is there a new version of dashboard besides the one (1.4.1) we are using?


Can you generate a report and post the SMART attributes portion of the report and the model string?


Report Generated at Tue Mar 08 2016 18:46:04,
System Information
OS,Windows 7 Enterprise Edition,
OS Major Version,6,
OS Minor Version,1,
OS Build Number,7601,
OS CSD Version,Service Pack 1,
Processor (CPU),Intel(R) Core™ i7 CPU       Q 740  @ 1.73GHz,
Computer Manufacturer,Sony Corporation,
Computer Model,VPCF132FX,
Secure Boot,N/A,
Controller,Ricoh PCIe Memory Stick Host Controller,,
Controller,Ricoh PCIe SD Bus Host Adapter,,
Controller,Ricoh PCIe SD Bus Host Adapter,,
Controller,Intel(R) 5 Series 6 Port SATA AHCI Controller,,
Drive Information
Model,SanDisk Ultra II 480GB,
Model,SanDisk Ultra II 480GB,
Serial Number,<!!! DELETED BY ME !!!>,
Firmware Revision,X41100RL,
Worldwide Name,<!!! DELETED BY ME !!!>,
ATA Major Version,ATA-ACS2,
Mode E, Supported,
ATA Security,Disabled in BIOS,
TCG Opal 2.0/eDrive Security,
Drive Advanced Details
WORD ID,General configuration,Value
0,General configuration,0x0000,
1,# of Cylinders,0x3FFF,
2,Specific configuration,0xC837,
3,# of Heads,0x0010,
6,# of Sectors,0x003F,
“7-8”,Current Capacity in Sectors,0 (0x0),
22,ECC Bytes,0x0000,
47,R/W multiple commands,0x8001,
48,Trusted Computing feature set options,0x4000,
51,PIO Data Xfer Cycle Timing Mode,0x0200,
52,DMA Data Xfer Cycle Timing Mode,0x0000,
53,Fields valid,0x0006,
54,Current Cylinders,0x3FFF,
55,Current Heads,0x0010,
56,Current Sectors,0x003F,
56,Current Sectors,0x003F,
57-58,Current Capacity,4228907259 (0xfc1000fb),
59,Current multiple values,0xD101,
60-61,# of User Addressable Sectors,268435455 (0xfffffff),
63,Multiword DMA,0x0007,
64,Advanced PIO Modes Supported,0x0003,
65,Minimum Multiword DMA transfer cycle time per word,0x0078,
66,Manufacturer’s recommended Multiword DMA transfer cycle time,0x0078,
67,Minimum PIO transfer cycle time without flow control,0x0078,
68,Minimum PIO transfer cycle time with IORDY,0x0078,
69,Additional Supported,0x4D20,
75,Queue depth,0x001F,
76,Serial ATA Capabilities,0x870E,
77,Negotiated SATA Signal Speed,0x0004,
78,Serial ATA features supported,0x004C,
79,Serial ATA features enabled,0x004C,
80,Major version number,0x03F0,
81,Minor version number,0x0110,
82,Commands and feature sets supported,0x346B,
83,Commands and feature sets supported,0x7D09,
84,Commands and feature sets supported,0x4123,
85,Commands and feature sets supported or enabled,0x3469,
86,Commands and feature sets supported or enabled,0xBC09,
87,Commands and feature sets supported or enabled,0x4123,
88,Ultra DMA modes,0x407F,
89,Security Erase Time,0x0001,
90,Enhanced Mode Security Erase Time,0x0012,
91,Advanced Power Management Level,0x0080,
92,Master Password Identifier,0xFFFE,
93,Hardware reset result,0x0000,
94,Acoustic Management,0x0000,
95,Stream Minimum Request,0x0000,
96,Streaming Transfer Time - DMA,0x0000,
97,Streaming Access Latency - DMA and PIO,0x0000,
98-99,Streaming Performance Granularity,0 (0x0),
100-103,Number of User Addressable Logical Sectors,937703088 (0x37e436b0),
104,Streaming Transfer Time - PIO,0x0000,
105,Max # of 512-byte blocks per DATA SET MANAGEMENT command,0x0010,
106,Physical sector size / logical sector size,0x4000,
107,Inter-seek delay for ISO 7779 standard acoustic testing,0x0000,
117-118,Logical sector size,0 (0x0),
119,Commands and feature sets supported,0x401C,
120,Commands and feature sets supported or enabled,0x401C,
128,Security status,0x0029,
160,CFA power mode,0x0000,
163,CFA advanced IDE,0x0000,
168,Device Normal Form Factor,0x0003,
169,DATA SET MANAGEMENT command is supported,0x0001,
169,DATA SET MANAGEMENT command is supported,0x0001,
170-173,Additional Product Identifier,
176-205,Current media serial number,
206,SCT Command Transport,0x0000,
209,Alignment of logical blocks within a physical block,0x4000,
214,NV Cache Capabilities,0x0000,
215,NV Cache size in Logical Blocks,0x0000,
217,Nominal media rotation rate,0x0001,
219,NV Cache options,0x0000,
222,Transport major version number,0x10FF,
223,Transport minor version number,0x0000,
230-233,Extended Number of User Addressable Sectors,0 (0x0),
234,Minimum number of 512-byte data blocks per Download Microcode mode 03h,0x0001,
235,Maximum number of 512-byte data blocks per Download Microcode mode 03h,0x0080,
255,Integrity word,0xD9A5,
SMART Details
5,Re-assigned NAND Block Count,100,0,0,
9,Power-On Hours Count,100,69,0,
12,Drive Power Cycle Count,100,34,0,
170,Grown Bad Block Count,100,0,0,
171,Program Fail Count,100,0,0,
172,Erase Fail Count,100,0,0,
173,Average P/E Cycles (TLC),100,0,0,
174,Unexpected Power Loss Count,100,4,0,
187,Reported Uncorrectable Errors,100,0,0,
194,Enclosure Temperature,71,29,0,
199,CRC Error Count,100,0,0,
233,Media Wearout Indicator,100,193,0,
234,NAND GB Written SLC,100,3,0,
241,Host GB Written,253,303,0,
242,Host GB Read,253,552,0,

Could you open the file C:\Program Files (x86)\SanDisk\SSD Dashboard\smart\venus_generic.xml and copy/paste the content?

Thanks for your help.

<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8”?>
<!-- Please change version number below & update the version in
the smart_list.xml whenever changes are made to the XML –>
<smart version=“1.2”>
  <aname id=“5”>Re-assigned NAND Block Count</aname>
  <aname id=“9”>Power-On Hours Count</aname>
  <aname id=“12”>Drive Power Cycle Count</aname>
  <aname id=“170”>Grown Bad Block Count</aname>
  <aname id=“171”>Program Fail Count</aname>
  <aname id=“172”>Erase Fail Count</aname>
  <aname id=“173”>Average P/E Cycles (TLC)</aname>
  <aname id=“174”>Unexpected Power Loss Count</aname>
  <aname id=“187”>Reported Uncorrectable Errors</aname>
  <aname id=“194” raw=“2:0” format=“XF”>Enclosure Temperature</aname>
  <aname id=“199”>CRC Error Count</aname>
  <aname id=“233” raw=“1:0” format=“XH.XL %”>Media Wearout Indicator</aname>
  <aname id=“234”>NAND GB Written SLC</aname>
  <aname id=“241”>Host GB Written</aname>
  <aname id=“242”>Host GB Read</aname>

Changing the value of id=“233” to 230, corrected the Life Remaining (100%) section in the Status page and under S.M.A.R.T now:

230 Media Wearout Indicator shows “0.04%”

Is it OK?

Well, you do not have the right definitions in the xml file. it should be version=1.3 and not 1.2

Anyway, 230 is the right attribute, and it should have been updated with version 1.3

I should have an new version of the Dashboard very soon and it will be coming with the right values.


You can keep id 230 in your XML until you get the update.

Re: “Life Remaining” is “Not Supported” for SanDisk Ultra II 960GB

I just installed a SanDisk Ultra II 960GB the 3rd time and used EZ Gig IV this time corrected past problems but this time I don’t get life remaining. I have the SanDisk Ultra II 960GB X41100RL Revision.

Please Update me.


I was doing some updated and things seem to be ok now.