Ultra II 240GB Life Remaining Not Supported

I bought a Ultra II 240GB from Newegg early this week and put it into my Dell XPS 1340 laptop. Everything worked fine from installing OS and a bunch of other software. I’ve been using the system very heavily since then and no major problems occured.

There are two issues, though.

  1. I installed SanDisk SSD Dashboard 1.1.0 soon after I installed OS. “Life Remaining” shows 89%. This is awfully low for an SSD that’s only seen 3 days of use. I did nothing more than installing a Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 and a bunch of software. At that point I used roughly 60GB of the 223GB total. After a lot of Windows Updates the number drops to 88%. 

What do people think? Is it normal?

2.Today I was working on my laptop and I left SSD Dashboard on running. In the middle of a PowerPoint presentation editing suddenly the Life Remaining index changed to “Not Supported”. Prior to that I synced (downloaded) about 11GB of data from my Google Drive. No other significant use of the SSD.

Windows Updates was also running when this happened. That might be the cause but I installed about 50 Updates today. Even if it indeed caused the issue I’m not sure which one.

The system seems to run just fine. But I am still curious what caused this issue. I’m probably one of the earlies adopters of Ultra II so I don’t expect quick responses. But if you have similar experience please share. Thanks.

Hello znd125,

We have recently found an issue with the SanDisk SSD Dashboard 1.1.0 (and prior versions) that causes the Dashboard to incorrectly interpret the Media Wear Out Indicator S.M.A.R.T.  attribute for the Ultra II SSD. This results in the Dashboard incorrectly displaying the Life Remaining percentage for the Ultra II SSD. This issue will be fixed in SSD Dashboard version 1.1.1 release which is expected to be released very soon.


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Thank you