Life expectancy of SanDisk Ultra II 480GB

What is the life expectancy of a typical SanDisk Ultra II 480GB SSD disk?

Mine shows, Life Remaining: Not Supported in the SanDisk SSD Dashboard 1.4.1.

The S.M.A.R.T. sections says:

Media Wearout Indicator: 1.71%

Host GB Written: 189

A small calculation with these values will yield a result of 11 TB Write until the disk dies, which is too low!


i think that sandisk plans a update of the software that will change this feature with the missing life attribute and it will show up normally. Furthermore you shall not be worried about the fact that you write a lot of GB on the drive. I also own a sandisk SSD and have wirten over 100TB and is still working perfectly fine. 

still you can contact the support of sandisk if you still have questions about your ssd drive

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Thanks for the info.

But, it is still scary to have a “Media Wearout Indicator” of 1.72% just after two days’ light usage. :frowning:


still you are using the SSD dashboard software that will let you know if something goes wrong with the drive so you are aware and replace it with a new one. 

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I am closely watching the SMART values on the Dashboard. Current values:

Media Wearout Indicator: 1.76%

Host GB Witten: 206

By the way; in some Internet stores there are two types of SanDisk Ulta II 480GB SSDs:


What is the diferrence between these two? My disk is labeled as SDSSDHII-480G.


the SDSSDEXT is the portable SSD that sandisk has and the SDSSDHII is the normal SSD SATA drive. so i guess you are using the normal sata drive with your computer. 

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Hi Deponia,

Can you please share the following S.M.A.R.T. info for the disk you are using? I am just curious…

  5 Re-assigned NAND Block Count

170 Grown Bad Block Count

199 CRC Error Count

233 Media Wearout Indicator

234 NAND GB Written SLC

241 HOST GB Written

242 HOST GB Read

The 2x Ultra II 480’s that I have Do show Life Expectancy, but the Ultra II 240 Doesn’t show Life Expectancy here…


of course i will generate a dashboard report and send it here to show you