Life Remaining in SSD Dashboard

What does it mean that remaining life, it is indicate 87%, is not there a too much remaining time? I bought this drive in 2016 January.

Hi @mrls,

Please be informed that some older SanDisk SSD products do not support the SMART attributes to indicate the life remaining or the temperature for the SSD. These features for such SSDs are marked as Not Supported on the SanDisk SSD Dashboard.

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Solid state drives all have a limited amount of read and write cycles, meaning data can be overwritten a limited number of times before it fails and can’t be used. The 87% could show that only 87% of the memory is able to be written over anymore because the system uses a process called wear-leveling to evenly distribute the written data across the solid state drive to keep the lifespan consistent throughout the drive.
The risk it has for you to lose data increases as the percentage drops so plan ahead.