Life Remaining Reduced after firmware update

I am running a Z400S.  The life remaining was showing 100%.  After updating the firmware to Z2333000 the life remaining shows 31%.   The SSD has been running in a typical desktop for about 8 Months.  HIbernation has been disabled.  There should be no excessive reads and writes going on.  Any idea if this 31% is accurate? 

Here is some readings from SMART.  

Fro the SMART attributes your total NAND writes is extremely high compared to the total GB written. The SSD will need to be replaced. Backup all your data and contact sandisk support for a warranty replacement. 

I have same model SSD and SanDisk SSD Dashboard show Life remaining not supported, how can i fix it ?

me also wanna know ….!!!

Update the product’s software only after installing the PHA-2 device driver version 2.23.0 for Windows computers.