SSD Dashboard: 'remaining spare blocks' / 'Drive health' confusing

Hi all,

I’m confused about the results from SSD Dashboard.

My two Sandisk SSD are showing totally different results regarding remaining spare blocks, but for both SSDs “Result” and Drive Health are reported ok:

                                                                         Spare Blocks Remaining            Drive Health                Life Remaining

Sandisk Solid State Drive                            0%      (“Result”=ok)                     Normal                         98%

Sandisk Ultra Plus Solid State Drive         100%  (“Result”=ok)                     Normal                         100%

Is the Spare Blocks Remaining calculated differently?

Should I replace the the first SSD “Sandisk Solid State Drive” hosting my OS?

Thank you in advance

Drive health is counted by Media Wearout Indicator(S.M.A.R.T ID 230). If MWI is 1% then you will get 99% drive health.