Sandisk Extreme Pro 240GB (7 retired blocks in one month)

Hello dear community!

I have Sandisk Extreme Pro 240 GB and now there is 7 retired block. The russian techsupport told me this normal.

Total about 460GB writen.

I have SeaSonic Platinum 860W so power is OK.

retired blocks are not necessarily a problem for an ssd. use the ssd dashboard and see what the media wear out and spare blocks remaining are. If both as not in a failing status the drive health is fine. 

THE SSD i 4 month old!

My frind with Kingstone have 0 retired block and writen 2,5 TB

I write 436Gb and have 7 retired blocks. So the warranty is 10 YEAR! Now if it 1% from all SSD this is 800GB. I wrtite half of 1% 436GB and have 1%.

And why you this guy absolutely different

It’s a joke maybe?

I need a replacement! This is acceptable!

Well first that is a different ssd and the retired block count was greater than the threshold aloted for that particular SSD and controller.

Again just because there are retired blocks does not mean the ssd is bad or even in danger of failing. There is reserve space on the drive that is activated when there are bad blocks. You need to look at media wearout indicator and available reserve space. if both of these are good you should not be worried. if you see the retired block steadily increasing and passing the threshold then the drive would need to be replaced. Until then it is not really a problem. 

I will be asking for replacement.

7 bad blocks, 436 GB writen

This is unacceptable!

similar problem with much worse situations.

see my post