SanDisk SSD Dasboard reporting spare blocks remaining 4% alert

Windows alerted me that 3 months old 128gb sandisk plus is malfunctioning and i should backup.

Sandisk dasboard shows 98% life left but poor quality of disk and 4% spare blocks remaining alert in both tests. Other soft like crystal reports also 4% but with disk fine status.

Should i give this back to the shop and buy other and backup before or is it some kind of software error? How to make sure disk is fine or not?

I want to make sure because loosing all my data on a company computer would be a disaster for me.



I didn’t receive any answer to a post i wrote 10 days ago. Today i have noticed my SSD is unfunctional. Computer does not see it, and i have lost all data i have stored on this disk. All my business documents, emails, etc. I am very dissapointed with your product, and your support. I have huge losses because of this.