SD card causes Fuze to freeze

When I install my 32 GB card, the Fuze freezes at the loaduup screen.  This is a 32 GB PNY card purchased from Best Buy, which worked fine in my Sansa Clip.  What’s wrong?

Hate to say it, but it happens sometimes. It could be the card, it could be the Fuze.

Do you have another card you can try, even if it’s a little one from your phone or camera?\

If that also freezes the Fuze, you may be running into an occasional glitch that has happened to me and others.

The solution, strange as it seems, has nothing to do with the card–but if you Format the Fuze’s internal memory, the glitch disappears. 

Take the card out. Turn on the Fuze (presumably it’s normal without the card). 

Connect it to your computer and copy all of your music, photos, etc. onto a hard drive. Formatting will wipe them off, so make sure you have it all copied. 

Disconnect the Fuze and go to  Settings/System Settings/Format.  Go ahead and nuke it. 

Then try inserting the card and see if it works better. 

Apparently after a lot of computer connections, stray unerased garbage builds up in the internal memory that in turn prevents the Fuze from accessing the card. Formatting wipes out everything, including the garbage. 

Are you only inserting or removing the card when the player is off? Is this a class 10 card? Some Sandisk players have trouble with some cards faster than class 4.