Freezing up while playing?

I just bought sansa fuze + a couple days ago and I’m starting to load music to the 64gb external card that has been converted to fat32, at random moments in the middle of the song it’ll start to skip then freeze and no controls work. after a bit the player turns itself back on and starts to play or goes to loading screen or freezes and sits there. What is going on, is it something with the firmware?  I’ve had a fuze before with the same setup and never froze up.
Please help!

Hi Josh -

I’m pretty sure that you can only use up to 32GB SD cards in a Sansa Fuze+.

I have one of those myself, and it works fine without an SD card, as well as a 16BG SD card.

I would suggest trying a 16GB or 32GB SD card in place of the 64Gb one, and let me know how that goes.


I’ve never had the problem while using the fuze though.

Josh - 

I’ve never used a normal Fuze, only the Fuze+ so I cannot verify that, but I would suggest trying the method I suggested earlier.



The fuze+ can hold a microSD card up to 32GB you can look it up here:

Probably a bug in the Fuze+ SD driver.

So would a 64gb card formatted to fat32 work with it?

It should, but that doesn’t mean it will work with your specific device. The Fuze+ seems in general to be a fairly buggy device.

@saratoga wrote:
It should, but that doesn’t mean it will work with your specific device. The Fuze+ seems in general to be a fairly buggy device.

The Fuze+ can be reliable if the owner runs Rockbox on it!

It’s sad, really… the only reason Rockbox works so well is because someone is actually working on it. On the other hand, the official Sandisk firmware hasn’t been updated since 2011, despite the numerous complaints from its users.

I have the same problem with the Sansa plus,  mut my microSDHC is 16MB class4, as recommended to me by a sandisk for my clip zip, and it works perfectly in the zip, so this does not seem a problem of size. The card is by Kingston.
On my Fuze is installed Rockbox, then I thought this could be the reason, but from what I read I understood that even with the original firmware sandisk the problem is the same.
Rockbox requires sandisk firmware to be installed and will be the same problem come from the original firmaware, but cant say if it is a hardware problem or incompatibility with some cards or a bug in the original firmware.
In practice, there are random short interruptions in the sound, and at the same time the system slows down and the keys respond late and sometimes do not respond completely.

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the tread looks dead.
any suggestions?
Someone can tell me some kinds of card surely running good on fuze plus?

i’ve also had the same problem with fuze+ also

I just wrote a sandisk support to submit the problem.

I solved the problem reformatting the card directly from rockbox function