Screen protection?

The Fuze is my first Sansa player, previously having an old white iPod. Those iPods would literally would get scratched up in an empty pants pocket, so I’m wondering how scratch-proof the Fuze screen is (the rest of it doesn’t seem to be an issue).

Do people use covers or screen protectors, and if not, how easy or hard is the screen to scratch?

I haven’t seen any covers, but I use a DLO Action Jacket from Best Buy.

I considered screen protectors: you can use the one from the IPod Touch pretty easily, if you cut it down to size with an exacto knife.

I think you’ll find the type of plastic used in the Fuze isn’t nearly as easily scratched as that used in the Ipods. I know what you mean about them. I’ve never seen anything as easily scratched as their displays. It was ridiculous of Apple to use a material this delicate for this application.

Invisible Shield has been a very popular screen protector with very good reviews for many different devices. They’ve got a pretty good line up for Sansa products right now but they have yet to add the Fuze to their line up. I’m sure they’ll be making one for the Fuze in the future, you can try emailing them and asking if they’re planning on it. It could give them the push they needed to get a Fuze screen protector out. If you can’t wait for that long for a Fuze specific screen protector, you can also try their custom order page. Here’s a promo video from them.

e200 and Fuze have pretty much same screen size, so an e200 screen will fit the Fuze.

The Invisible Shield material looks very nice…pity there isn’t any detail on their website, showing a closeup of the product on an e200.  They offer two versions of the cover, one for the face only, and one “complete”??

It’s a complex curved face at that…anybody have one of these covers?  I’d love to hear about fitment around the controls, if it is sized for the area around them. 

It would be nice to protect the face, yet allow easy docking, without having to pull a cover. 

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: 

isn’t the casing a screen protector for the lcd? screen protector for the screen protector! =P  [jk, I understand preventing scratches on the original device is important . . . ghetto saran wrap!]

I have used invisible shield covers on all of my electronic devices from Cell Phone to Satellite radio.  Just today I ordered the screen protector from them for my brand new Fuze.  After using both their screen protectors and full body protection kits I never go without them.  I think that they are great!


The screen protector film we are referring to is hardly ghetto!  Those of us who have used PDAs for years will attest to the practicality of protecting the outer screen surface from stylus damage.  Most PDA screen protectors are sacrificial- they are not made of a proper Mylar material that will last very long…but the flip side is that they’re easily replaced, and sold in multi-packs.

Look closely at the face of your sansa, and you’ll see the fine scratches that are a reality of everyday use.  The material we’re speaking of lays over the face of your sansa and takes the beating.  If it’s a good quality piece, it covers the entire face, rather than looking ghetto-riffic like a small screen decal.

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no I wasn’t refering to the your screen protecor as ghetto, I was refering to saran wrap being ghetto, literally. as in taking saran wrap and wrapping your device =D.

Look no further folks :slight_smile: