Fitted Case?

Does anyone know if Sansa (or anyone else for that matter) makes a hard sided, fitted case for the Sansa Fuze similar to what I think IPOD calls a “skin”?  I’m looking for something to keep my Fuze, and the “window” from getting scratched.

Google “fuze crystal case” and you’ll find lots of vendors selling hard plastic cases.  I’ve not tried any of them myself.  There are also “silicon skins” (for a softer case but, I *think*, without screen protection).  Finally, there’s Invisible Shield from

I just got my Fuze and am still trying to figure out what kind of case I want.


I’m currently using this, which works very well.  Pricey, especially at Best Buy, where I got it ($29.99), but does the job.


All the best.

Cover for the Fuze - link with other ideas.  I’ve saw those plastic covers for the fuze on Amazon.  I haven’t tried them, I just have a silicon that I bought first (maybe would have gone with the plastic one had I saw that one first, but this one has worked pretty good).

I’ve used Griffin iClear cases on several players, including one currently on my Sansa Connect.  They’re good stuff.  I don’t know if one’s available for the Fuze (a quickly scanned Google search didn’t see anything obvious).

very cheap on eBay - there are various bundles (plastic cases, wall chargers, etc)…

I suggest you search “sansa fuze case” or something like that.

good luck - 


I’m sure there are at least several choices for hard skins.

In general I have heard that many of these make operations of some buttons or controls more difficult, so make sure to verify that all the controls work with the skin/case that you choose.

I just installed the Invisible Shield, by Zagg, on my new Fuze and it is really pretty incredible.  About $10 which I consider a bargain.  Comes with a little kit and fairly good instructions.  Make sure you follw the instructions exactly and make sure your hands and work area are perfectly clean and clear of small pieces of lint/debris/hair, etc.  When in place, it is truly invisible.  They claim you can drag a key repeadely across the surface and it will not scratch.  I don’t have the nerve to try that myself.

So I use the InvisSheild and then keep the device in a soft case such as a tiny digital camera case with belt loop.  Works great for me.

That’s great! Glad to hear you like it. I’ve been waiting to hear from someone who had actually used the InvisiShield to see how they liked it. I was impressed by the info on their website, but at the time I checked it out, I only had e200 series units and I figured (Murphy’s Law) that as soon as I bit the bullet and bought and installed one of these things, I’d have to take the back off for some reason, screwing it up and having to do it all over again. :angry:

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I’ve been wanting to hear a first-hand report on Invisible Shield.  At $10, you must have the screen protector version and not the full body version?  How much of the front of the Fuze does that cover?  Just the screen, or the entire front?  Is the rocker switch covered?

I have the “screen only” flavor.  I figured from using my e260 over a year that if the body got slighly skuffed, it really didn’t matter much to me.  But I clearly wanted to protect the screen (no pun intended).

It’s a “kit” form, with a spray bottle of liquid and a little plastic squeegee.  As I said, the directions are pretty good, but really do take a lot of care to keep the area clean; if you get a speck of dirt under there, it’s not fun.  The tiny defects and micro-bubbles under the plastic membrane disappear in a day or two.

I am highly impressed.  It is very, very close to having nothing there at all.  I CAN see some slight surface mottling in very good light if you view the membrane at an angle.  I wish I had this when I first got my e260.

Regarding installation, basically you clean your hands, apply some of the liquid spray to your fingertips.  I don’t know what it is.  It is not sticky nor does it have any pronounced smell.  It may be distilled water for all I know.

Anyway, you pull a paper sticky-back off the little plastic protector membrane and spray both sides lightly.  KEEP TRACK of which side is the adhesive side (the side facing the paper backer).  You can’t visually tell the difference!

The device screen itself is not sprayed.  Lay the membrane on the device and use the squeegee to squeeze out the air bubbles.  Polish with a lint-free cloth and you’re good to go.  They recommend letting it all set up overnight before powering up and using it.

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I also bought this one… i didn’t think it was worth 29.99 but I wanted to have something as soon as I got the player home to put it in.  It works great!