new case?

is it possible to remove the origianl case on the sansa fuze and put a new one on?. mine has some scratches on the screen b/c i never got a protector on it

You could try to buff the scratches out. The only way you could get a replacement ‘case’ for the fuze cheap would be to go on ebay and find a broken one, usually denoted by ‘spare/parts’. However, these will probably be scuffed up too. It probably isn’t worth the bother, either way, unless you manage to watch films on that tiny screen.

i use it only for music and as a mass storage device. it kinda bugs me tho, i guess its my ocd coming out. thanks for your help

This doesn’t help your immediate problem.  But to keep it from getting worse, google “Sansa 3 in 1 Kit”.  My wife really likes hers.  She doesn’t use the hard case, just the inner protector which is sewn out of some sort of suede or faux leather.  The hard case would be handy for some people, but the Fuze fits very snugly inside so there’s no room for bulkier aftermarket headphones.  Plus the headphones have to be unlpugged to fit the Fuze into the hard case, so it’s just for transport.

The inner protector has a clear window over the Fuze screen, made from some sort of thick, transparent, flexible material. 

She uses her Fuze at work (an industrial site - dirt, mud, coal dust, etc.) and it still looks like new.  She keeps the Fuze in the flexible inner protector, then drops that into a pocket or into a small digital camera pouch with a shoulder sling that I found in a drawer.

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Some screen protectors cover the entire front of the fuze, execpt for button holes.  If you pop one of those on and put your Fuze in a leather or poly case that should make most scratches invisble.

Or, if you’re adventurous, you could try a plastic lens smoothing product,like Displex which is specifically intended for things like scratched ipod displays.  There’s a ton of other plastic smoothing products out there - you could Google what’s available in your country, or even pop in to a local jewelers or auto products store (don’t laugh - people use this sort of stuff on scratched watches and plastic car headlights). I’ve no idea how good any of this stuff is but it’d be interesting if you  tried some and posted about the results.  A jewler might do the fix for next to nothing as basically it just needs a bit of buffing.On the other hand, they might suggest you do it yourself, as you’d also need to be VERY careful not to let any of the buffing products run inside the Fuze, otherwise its hasta la vista sansa. And any buffing at the display area might distort the Fuze’s otherwise nice clear display.  Again, I’d try to cover up the scratches with a protector and cover first, much like Telkwa suggested.