Fixing scratches

My Fuze is only a few days old and already it’s got scratches all over, and one particularly annoying one on the screen. I’m wondering what the best formula to use for fixing it up would be(and where I can get it online, I’m in Ireland), and also, I need some kind of pouch to carry it in so I don’t have to keep repairing it. It seems the whole thing is covered in the same plastic.

Here’s a discussion on a product called Invisible Shield. It’s a custom-fit product and seems like very high quality. Once it’s on, you don’t want to be taking it off very often. The fact is, it is not re-usable, but the company will send you a replacement for just shipping costs if you do have to remove it for some reason. But as the Fuze does not come apart to change the battery, etc. this shouldn’t be necessary.

I’m not sure how to fix the scratches you already have but I ordered a Transparent Clear Crystal Snap On Hard Case for SanDisk Sansa Fuze by Bargaincell and it arrived before the Fuze did. I put it on as soon as I took the Fuze out of it’s box and the case keeps it like new.

I haven’t tried it on my Fuze, but I guess Displex is what you’re looking for.

Two issues.

1.  You need to protect a virgin screen against potential scratches.

2.  You have scratches already and need to remove.

1.  The Invisible Shield is suppose to be good.  Zagg is the distributor.  Hers’ the linky.

Go to "mp3 players, look for Sansa Fuze… I have one on order already for my new fuze.

2.  Neutron-bob was kind enough to post several manufacturers of plastics polish over in the e200 forum here.

there’s the link to the manufacture. I forget the specific product but it supposed to be perfect for removing scratches.  Search over in the e200 forum for “remove scratches” or “Novus” and see what the specifics are.

UPDATE:  The tiny camera case I use is LowePro Rezo15.  Various colors/Cheap at Amazon.  here’s the link:

Also, regarding your question about pouches. 

  1. The fuze comes with a very inexpensive slip case/pouch that works OK to protect it but is not convenient as it needs to be removed from the pouch ever time an adjuetment needs to be made.

2.  I use a micro digital camera case, worn on my belt.  I find that this is with me all the time, similar to a cell phone case.  I got a tiny one by LowePro.  Don’t remember the model name/number.  You want one with a velcro flap, not a zipper top, (my opinion, anyway)  for much easier access to the device on-the-fly.  You can easily flip to cover flap open and get your finger insdie and hit fast forward ro make the volume louder without even looking or taking the device out of the case.

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Will displex work on deeper scratches though? I just got a deep scratch in the plastic case today. I tried vaseline but it didn’t do much. I mean it would kind of make sense if it could.

Vaseline is a lubricant.  What you need is almost the opposite.  You need an abrasive.

Use some dish detergent on a soft damp cloth and get rid of that vaseline.


The Novus products are very fine abrasives that actually scratch the surface more…but in a very controlled, ine, fashion…removing the deeper scratches that are existing… Like sandpaper.  Seems to smooth things out, but actually it’s scratching and removing material.

Please go check the e200 forum here and find the specific product that neutron-bob recommends.  Use that.  It works.

I tried some dispex and it made things much worse. My screen is now a mess of scratches.

I need some serious help here fast…

My screen is fine (got a protector on it) but the coating is starting to scratch off of my wheel!  It seems after five months the coating is no longer as tough as it once was because I’m certainly not treating my Fuze any different.  Anybody else noticing this on their Fuze?


Did you look at the links to the Nuvus products I provided?

That is what you need.

Once again, once you have your screen in good condition, add the Invisible Shield and you won’t have to worry about this again.


Any plastic polish is only intended for the final step in polishing - to remove very fine scratches.

If the polish doesn’t work, then you need to first remove the deep scratch with an abrasive.

Micro Mesh sells paper up to 12,000 grit. That’s right, 12 Thousand!

Their products are intended to refinish airplane windows, among other things.

If you contact them, they will send you a free sample kit containing all grits they make. Otherwise, it is about $15 for a kit (Rockler and Woodcraft have them)

Start with the 12,000. If it doesn’t work, work your way back through the grits (8000, 6000) until you notice an effect. You will have to refinish the entire screen.

Read their instructions!

It works.


MicroMesh is good stuff.  When polishing out scratches, the secret is patience.

Once the deep gouge is removed, go progressively finer, in a cross pattern, until it’s time for a fine liquid polish.

Bob  :wink:

Can e200 faceplates be polished to remove scratches?

I have almost exactly the same problem, down to the location and as far as I can figure out what you need


2 - oz. Starter Kit to smooth out the scratches


Invisible Shield to protect it afterwards

Correct me if i’m wrong