faceplate scratched really bad

i have a sansa fuze and my faceplate is really scratched badly its only a month old and would really regreat getttin rid of it because of that…

is there any place where i can buy a new faceplate or anything to get ridof these scratches…

Before you do any home-fixes do some research. There are methods to remove scratches from plastic (I think that’s what it is) that work. Look on the internet for scratches, clear plastic and the like. Anything you think you want to try should be tried first on a tiny section of the screen first. It would be horrible to find out that what you tried just made it worse.

I bought an extended warranty where I bought mine and it covers everything including scratches, but to prevent them i bought a clear-case that encloses even the screen for a few bucks.

Good luck, if you find a method that works well let everyone here know

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There are also several discussions on different methods and products here on the forum. They can be easily searched out.

Once you get the scratches out, you might consider a screen protector, case or both to prevent it from happening any further. The ‘creme de la creme’ of these is the Invisible Shield by Zagg, custom-made with a lifetime guarantee.

You can try this method, it appears to work very well, and on a variety of players including the Sansas:




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