Are you using a screen protector? (and a hello!)

I finally decided to get myself a media/music player and, after quite a bit of looking around, settled for a silver Sansa Fuze. My ladyfriend actually just picked up an iPod classic for herself and a nano for her mother, but I’m not a fan of getting tied to a specific software/service, here: iTunes, and for what I want and need, the Sansa Fuze seems not only the superior choice, but it also costs a lot less. The abiliy to extend the capacity by MicroSD cards is a definitive plus, and probably what contributed the most to the purchase decision, but I’d not expect any less from Sandisk. :slight_smile:

But anyway, except my phone, my other gadgets with a LCD display (PSP, DS) have a screen protector, which I’ve never regretted. Now, I won’t be watching videos on the Sansa Fuze, so the display is just for navigation and such, but how easily does it scratch if you carry around the device in your pocket or clip it to your clothing? Getting a screen protector wouldn’t cost much, but is it necessary and recommended? (Mostly concerned about the display, not the faceplate itself, so I’d get a transparent protector, not an entire case.)

I am not running with a protector (plenty of Sansas on hand), but there are quite a few options available.

Here’s a sample of the result of entering “screen protector” into the little search boxin the upper left.  The search box can be a bit of an enigma sometimes, as searches sometimes come up short.  In this case, do the same search, but select the advanced option, and try again.

I’m sure you’ll find a nice protective cover.  Probably the first one listed in the search will do the trick.

Enjoy your new machine!!


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I’ve owned my Fuze for about 8 months now and I do not use a screen protector on mine.  I take good care of it and don’t really do any activities that might damage the screen, so I don’t see a need for a screen protector.  I wouldn’t say it scratches very easily (no more than any other LCD display), but it’s certainly not immune to it.  So if scratches are a concern to you, and if you will be using your Fuze in situation where it is likely to get scratched then buying a screen protector would be a good purchase.  
I’m sure that there are a lot of people on these forums that use one and would highly recommend it.

I believe that the Zagg invisible Shield is one of the more popular screen protector.  

I hate screen protectors. Check out the Crystal Case for the Fuze. I REALLY like it.

Search it on Ebay and you can find a whole package with some wall chargers and stuff, cheap.

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I think the screen protector is a great idea. I’ve had one on my Fuze since the second day I had it. I have read many posts about “how do I remove scratches from my screen?” so it is a no-brainer for me. In regards to the crystal case mentioned by Peregrine, they are nice too, but over time the case will get scratched. The  transparent screen protector is a great, and affordable option. I would say though, look into a wall charger, as also mentioned by Peregrine.

I think the screen protector is a great idea.I got one from Best Skins Ever.It covers front and back totally.It is very transparent and it looks great!

I got an all-in-1 set, silicone case with armstrap * bel-clip, car and A/C charger, extra cable for like $10 and a crystal case too ($6 including shipping).  Would like stick-on screen protector too…

The cloth slip case seems like little protection… and I’m a tad concerned about ‘fluff’ from it getting into the scroll wheel

The included slip case is my Fuze’s sleeping bag.:wink:

I do have a silicone skin with armband. I haven’t used the armband since I got a Clip. The silicone skin I only use now if I want to walk around the house or yard with my Fuze, because I can clip my amp to the armband opening in the skin. Generally though, the Fuze is for reference listening in my room, no skin required, just screen protector. I got one of those bundles too, with the car/AC chargers and spare sync cable.

I’ve had my Fuze for about a year and have no screen protector; it has some minor scratches that you might be able to see if you hold it so the light reflects, but its not a problem for normal use. I am careful not to put it in a pocket that has keys or anything that could scratch it.

I got my screen protectors locally at a grocery store, no less.  They weren’t exactly the same size as the fuze screen (slightly larger)… but I just cut them to fit.  I got them for something like 3 for 50 or 75 cents.

They work great!:smiley:

I have one and like it.  The first one did scratch (not sure how) and the second is a bit scratched but not bad (again not really sure how).  I also got mine at a large store and it was about 5 for $5, large size to cut down to any size of phone, camera screen, MP3 player screen, etc.  I can use two sheets for my player and there’s a bit left over.

I have the silicon cover over mine and since it doesn’t cover the screen, this works for me.

I did get a silicone case and a (huge) screen protector with the “bundle kit” I bought. Never been very crafty though. Really doubt my skills with the scissors. Maybe once the clear case gets mangled enough I will try the other silicon one and protector.

I really like the Crystal Case though. Didn’t think I would. Fuze feels **bleep** near indestructable in it.

I tried not to do anything that would scratch it, and even kept it in that little soft case that comes with it…sometimes, and it still got really scratched. I bought a nice little leather case with a screen protector right in it (I thought that was nifty) hoping it would stop the scratching, and the case scratched it more! It scratches like there’s no tomorrow! Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a great player though.

Sorry I didn’t read all the posts on this one… The wife and I use the cheap universal ones that you get in WalMart… I think there packed in 10 units and can be cut down to fit… The I put on a silicon skin…  Mine and my wife’s have been set up that way for a year come this July… We have no scratches and there easy to replace and cheap too…  Works for us!!  George & Penny

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I use the little black pouch thingy that came with the fuze :P  So far no scratches :D. Had my fuze for 3 months now or 4 I think o.0. I just put the fuze in the pouch and then put it in my pocket with the volume level I want and then in my pocket it goes :D. I can change music and all fine and when I need to change voluem I just take it out lol.

I use plain ol’ Cellotape. I just use the tape from the large size rolls. You just cut it to size and wet it. You slide it onto the screen and voila! It’s cheap, very easy to replace and doesn’t discolour over time. Even if your tape does, just change it.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

I ended up ordering a silicon case and very inexpensive screen protectors (six for $5) - there’s a local/German firm that offers device-tailored protectors for just about any player/phone/console/notebook.

Love the community here. :slight_smile:

@badcam wrote:
I use plain ol’ Cellotape. I just use the tape from the large size rolls. You just cut it to size and wet it. You slide it onto the screen and voila! It’s cheap, very easy to replace and doesn’t discolour over time. Even if your tape does, just change it.

Hello, What brand tape is this your talking about… I don’t think I have ever seen a Cello-tape you wet to use.  Sounds very interesting… Thanks! George

I bought this clear case:

The case covers the screen as well. It is very tight (so tight people are complaining they have to break it to get it off). I was able to remove mine without breaking it.

It is very clear and has reduced glare for me. So the screen actually looks better. Doesnt distort the picture at all. It resists fingerprints better than other screen protectors I have tried.

They are cheap too…about $5 each. I bought three of them so that if this one wears out I have spares.  I’ve been using it for a few days, and like it a lot.

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