Screen blank on new 8Gb clip

Just bought an 8Gb clip which arrived yesterday.  Quite impressed with sound and ease of use.  However, the unit seems to have developed a fault in that the screen now remains completely blank.  The blue ring illuminates ok and I know the device can be switched on and off as it is recognised by my laptop.  I can mount/unmount the SANSA CLIP ‘drive’ and also navigate through the folders on my laptop.  so it looks like a screen problem.

I rasied a support call with SanDisk and have been told to update to the latest firmware to see if that fixes the issue.  I’ll give that a go tonight but was wondering if anyone else had experienced anything similar as it sounds to me like a simple physcal fault.  Did a search here but couldn’t really find anything.

Well - tried the firmware update but no joy.  Waiting for response from sanDisk but looks like I got a dud.

It could be a firmware problem. If the firmware update doesn’t help, then it is a hardware problem and the player should be exchanged.

I had exactly the same problem.  I purchased a refurbished Clip, and I’m very active, and I think my clip was suffering from a buildup of sweat and road-grime inside.

The blue lights on the buttons would light up, but the screen would not.

Check out how I fixed my Sansa Clip here: