Sansa View problems: Cant add files to library and start up time of 3 mintues.

Hi all,

I have a Sansa View 8 Gigabyte.  It has a couple of problems.

The biggest problem is that I cant seem to add the music from it to my media organiser programs . In Media monkey, J River media centre, Win Amp, and windows media player it is not recognised as a device in the ‘add /scan files’ window. For example,  in Media Monkey, when using the player in ‘aut-detect’ usb, it is listed as a device on the tree menu on the left hand side, but not in the add /scan pop up menu.  Thus I cant add files .  If I enter the folders in the device via the tree menu on the left and select the files, then try to use copy(move) to a foder on my pc, the files apaprently copied there, but contain no data (they always = 0 bytes). If i try draging them instead to a folder on the pc, I get error’cannot read from the device’.

In MSC mode, the device is listed again, AND is listed in the add/scan menu for adding music, but alas,  the music folder on the device is listed as empty.  Also, the device is recognised in windows, but in the same way, explorer finds nothing in the music folders. 

The deivce has about 4 gig of songs on it, and they play on the device without problems.  In auto selct mode, in windows explorer, all music can be seen on the deivce.

THe other problem that the deive has is that it takes 3 MINUTES to boot up., every time. ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I have sucessfully completed an autmoatic update, and also done two manual updates, one with the 01.03.02F version of the firmware, and once with the 01.03.02A version of the software, to no avail.

I have treid reformatting twice.

The player is the ‘FM’ version.

I am located in Spain, Europe.

I have tried and found all the above on two PCs, one running XP Pro SP3, another running Vista. Same problems every time.

Thanks in advance for any help.  Ive spent an age trying to fix this device, and I think Ive tried a tonne of stuff already, but any ideas appreciated.