sansa view 8gb and firmware update

HI I’m a newbie  so sorry if this has been posted before, I have used my sansa view 8gb mp3 and added lots of music, loved it, anyway now I decided to download firmware update when I did this to my pc with windows 7 my mp3 player was attached to pc , preciously it showed everything on it battery strength m free space etc , once I had downloaded the firmware , computer only recognizes a removable drive  size 15.9 mb and sansa view shows on screen invalid image g7object loading failed while bootin mini b device mode 

I have ordered a new sansa view 16 gb mp3 player but would like at the least to recover my music and would be thrilled if i could recover the mp3 player itself can anyone please help an absolute fool, think this was my fault as it was perfectly ok before  thanks so much

I doubt very seriously whether just updating the firmware would cause any permanent problems. People do it all the time. More likely is that updating changed the USB connectivity mode. You might have been in MTP mode before and now it is in MSC mode. Or vice-versa. You can switch it back in the Settings menu on the player.

thanks that does sound sensible but i can’t get into the player i.e. it won’t go past the page i mentioned how do i get to the settings in these circumstances please? Thanks Barbara

Try following the step-by-step manual ( MSC mode ) firmware installation directions in this post. Don’t download and use the Sansa Updater (even though the post receommends to). Also make sure to download the correct .zip file (the one labeled A if you’re in America), and un-zip or extract to an easy place to find (like your Desktop).

This should walk you through it easily. :smiley:

Thank you so much, everything A ok I’ve copied all my music files to computer just in case:-))

We were so impressed at your knowledge Thanks again Barbara

Good Deal! Glad it worked for you. Yes, it’s always a good idea to have at least 1 back-up of your music files.

Enjoy your tunes!