Cobcern With FirmWare software update ..

Hi … I just downloaded and updated the firmware installer from sandisk web site. (SansaUpdaterInstall.exe)

Then after I stalled it and reopen my player (sansa fuze) again, I can’t seen the mp3 files which I copied before updating the installer. I open the Music folder and there is blank but in player, I can see all mp3 files. Is it bacause of the installer? How can I do to see the files?

And when I re-connect my computer, I can’t see Internal Memory. I can see only two drive letters as SANSA FUZE G: and Removable Drive H: (SD Card)

I think I installed the wrong installer version !!!

answer me someone asap please …

Message Edited by tommytun on 01-02-2009 04:32 AM

On other sansa players, at least, the firmware update sets the USB mode.  You may have to change it back to the way it was when you added that music.

Looks like you had the player in MTP mode, and the firmware update switched it to MSC.

Change this in settings > USB mode back to MTP & the player will show up as a portable device - Sansa Fuze.


Thanks … I changed it back to MTP mode and can see back my files … :smileyvery-happy: