Please Help! My Sansa Viev 16gb won't recognize any new music added on!!!

For the past few weeks, I uploaded music to my Sansa View, but it doesn’t read it. It’s on the drive as files, no problems with the tags as I retag all mp3 files myself when needed. And these songs aren’t copyright protected either. Plus another thing I have noticed since I purchase my 16gb up from 8gb, it doesn’t show my recently added songs. Thanx for any help on this matter:smiley:

Same problem here (Sorry this wasn’t a solution message!)

When you said it doesn’t read it. Do you mean that they don’t show up?

Also, are you syncing using Wndows Media? Because I don’t think it works when you just drag and drop files into the root dictionary.

Doesn’t show up. I use Rhythmbox (using Linux) or drag and drop into the Music folder. I use MSC instead of MTP