trouble seeing music files

When i open my sansa(and yes it is on auto detect) the there are folders with video and pictures but no music is detected. Even in windows media player the only detection of music is that it show 1gb of memory left on the sansa. Otherwise i cant load my music on the screen. and when i go to sync. W.M.P starts to download all my music on my computer onto my sansa. how can i view/edit/delete music that is already on my sansa?

sry easy way to put it is my music files are not detected what so ever.

ok i got it!   when your computer opens the folder for the sansa device. look up at the tool bar and click on  “tools” then scroll all the way down and click on “folder properties” then there will be three tabs. click on the “view” tab. now then it will show a bunch of folders and options. i looked at the “hidden files and folders” options and then clicked on the bubble that said 'show hidden files and folders" from there i clicked apply. then vwala. i saw my music. it probably hasnt solved my problem in windows media player but i will get there :smiley:

UPDATE: ok so not “all” my music is showing up even after i clicked the hidden files…this is such a pain.

alright, so i pretty much messed up my sansa. half of my songs wont play. because they were downloading through the program i originally received with my sansa…and my comp didnt know what program so i clicked open with windows media player. and windows media could not play the file. and then neithe could my sansa and i could not figure out how to turn the files programs back into unknown programs…long story short i formated my sansa and deleted all my music. so i am starting fresh and going to add more songs.