Sansa USB doesn't work...

I thought the problem was just that the PC didn’t recognize the Sansa - but 3 machines don’t recognize it, I upgraded to WMP 11, upgrades drivers, switched USB connection MTP and MSC (I think that was it) and now I just realized it won’t even charge the battery so I can’t get into it.

Any thoughts/suggestions.  I tried 2 different USB cables (I have a little Sandisk MP3 player that both cables work fine with).   It appears it’s the Sansa itself that is the problem.   When I connect the USB cable to it - whether to charge in the wall or on my computer - it says “connected” and the arrows go around in circles.      But it isn’t charging OR connecting.   

Is there a way to “reset” or “restart” the Sansa?   I feel I cannot do anything with it as now the battery is so dead it’ll stay on for a mere seconds before it says battery low and shuts down.   

Thanks in advance.

Vicki Kay

To Soft reset, Push the power button up and hold it for 15-20 seconds.

Thanks for the reset information!   (Couldn’t find that in the documentation)   I tried that -  had to do it while it was “connected” and it still didn’t work.  

It’s very strange that when the USB is connected - it says’ it’s connected (little arrows going around in a cirlce) but it’s not charging or PC won’t recognize it.   

Not sure what to do - think the connector on the Sansa itself is bad.

Anyone have any ideas?   I use it only for Audiobooks and have used it a LOT over the last 2 months I’ve owned it.   I’d hate to think I have to replace it already.

Vicki Kay

Do it while it is unplugged… Try that. If that doesnt help, try and return it you may have a lemon.

Yeah - I may have to return it.   Unfortunately there isn’t enough battery power for it to even reset.   As soon as I try to push it up - it trys to turn on (still holding it up the whole time to reset it) and yet it says “battery low, system shutdown” and it’s gone again.  

Thanks - you have been a big help.   Will head out tomorrow and get another one - I hope the next one does okay as I really like these.   

Thanks again.

Vicki Kay