My Sansa has died... :(

Hi guys,

Hate it for my first post to be one of woe.  :(  :mansad:

Here’s my problem:

I was listening to music last night, and I leave my Sansa Fuze powered on(cause I come back in a min or 2), when I come back I spin the wheel and nada.  Nothing happens!  :frowning:

So, I think, okay the battery’s too low, cause I’ve gotten those messages saying, battery too low, power down; so I plug it in to an outlet, nothing.  PC?  nope!  :frowning:

I tried all the resetting tricks, and connecting in MSCP or whatever mode that is, so my Sansa and all my music is gone!!

It was acting more than average slowly, the battery was at 40%, it would have been 1 year old on Dec 31.  :(:(:frowning:

I am wondering if Sansa offers a replacement or a refund?  How do I go about that?

Thanks in advance,


You have a one-year warranty, so call 1-866-SANDISK now.

Hey Black-Rectangle,

Thanks for the reply.  :slight_smile:

I’m gonna call Sandisk and see what they can do.  :slight_smile:

Does it matter where I bought it from, cause I bought it from Amazon, and didn’t get a warranty.

So this is a factory warranty?

Also, do you know how I can get my songs and some of the stuff I’ve recorded off of my dead one?

Thanks again,


You automatically get a one-year warranty from SanDisk on a new unit.  Just find your Amazon sales slip.

If you got a refurbished one, there’s no warranty, but you should still call and see what help they can offer you. 

I don’t know what “resetting tricks” you did. If you formatted, you erased the music. If not, connect it to your computer and see what you can find. 

You can also try file-recovery software like PCI File Inspector with the Fuze connected to your computer. but I don’t know what it will retrieve. 

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Are you charging it directly from a USB port (preferably nearer the back of your computer, for more power)  rather than  a hub?

It could be something as simple as the cord going bad. Or it could be more complicated.  If you know anyone else with a Fuze (or E200), try their cord–and maybe their computer.

Also, look at this thread. 

To change Services, go to Start/Run and type in services.msc . But be careful in there. 

Or just call SanDisk and start using your warranty. 

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Thanks for your help Black-Rectangle.  :wink:

I tried charging it near the back of my pc as well as the front. I have 2 chords so that ain’t the issue, also have 2 pcs.  :frowning: Nothing.  :frowning:

I’m just gonna call SanDisk…dang it’s a weekend; have to wait till monday.

How much of a hassle do you think it will be?  Is there a big wait?

Thanks again BR, for your replies.  :slight_smile:

Since it’s still the weekend, you could also try the Connection Troubleshooter

if you’ve got nothing better to do. 

Hey Black-Rectangle,

So should the computer still be able to recognize the fuze even if the battery is gone?


When it’s connected to the computer it’s powered via the USB. So yes, the computer should recognize the Fuze even with a dead battery.

Hey BR,

I went to Best Buy and got a new cable, cause mine was broken.  :slight_smile:

So now I can see all my songs and everything, it just doesn’t turn on.  :frowning:

Will be calling SanDisk today!  :slight_smile:

Thnx for your help.  K:)

Glad the songs are still there. Try various USB ports with the new cord, but get the replacement process going with SanDisk in the meantime.

Glad the songs are still there. Try various USB ports with the new cord, but get the replacement process going with SanDisk in the meantime.

Hey Black-Rectangle!!!

My Sansa fuze has resurrected!!!  :)  :slight_smile:

I called tech support to get the warranty replacement and the guy does some troubleshooting steps before he finalizes the warranty request. 

The steps were pretty much the same old stuff; except he had me hold the power on button for 30+sec!  And it powered on!!!  :slight_smile:

Before I only did 15-20sec, so I guess the 10-15sec extra made a difference!  :slight_smile:

So all you guys out there that have trouble with your fuze not powering on, try holding the power button for 30-40sec, it worked for me!!

Thanks Sansa  :slight_smile:

Think of the soft reset as the Sansa “unwinding the knots” following a freeze-up.  The time required to reset can vary, sometimes as short as a few seconds, about ten, and most often it will be around 15-20 seconds.

If the soft reset does not work, the quickest solution is to try holding the power switch / button for a little longer.  If you have sensitive headphones, and it’s relatively quiet, you can hear a soft “click” as the Sansa resets.

The Sansa saves a file with its current status each time it is powered off.  This happens during the “goodbye” message.  You will notice that the player will return to the previously played track following the reset (the one from the last power-down).