sandisk died

looks like mine died. i guess going thru a full cycle of the washer and dryer was just to much for the little guy. RIP fuze. i will take it apart tonight and see if something minor is wrong. maybe give the little guy shock treatment. lolol

love this little thing. carried mine in my car. had more then enuff room for song on a long journey. 

Before you dissect your player, give it a week or more of drying time, there could just be some water still inside.  Some people, who have spilled a liquid on the fuze, have put the fuze into some uncooked rice, with the ports plugged up, which helps to draw out any moisture that’s left, and it came back to life. 

Maybe just not enough time in the dryer?  lol

perhaps you are right. i will give it a weel. works fine when i hook it up to the computer now. but the power on button will not give any responce to the player. i know the inside is atleast working now. i can delete and add new songs to the player and it charges itself up now.

possible something broke off on the inside during the beating around?

Don’t be attempting to turn it on or powering it up through the computer until it has completely dryed out!!!

_ Water and electronics don’t mix! _

I agree.  If you energized the device via the USB hub, it’s a quick confirmation that the machine may be OK.  Place it in a baggie of dry rice, a wonderful dessicant.  The rice grains are too large to worry about debris in the Sansa, and in this case, any openings are a welcome thing.

Let it sit for a few days to dry out properly, in a warm environment.

Bob  :wink: