I've only had my fuze for 58 days and now it doesn't turn on or charge or anything!

What do I do? Take it into a repair center? Its a refurbished MPH player. I have contacted the seller already and I have NOT heard back from them yet. Suggestions from anyone as to what and where to go and to do?


First off, don’t panic.

Try resetting it; it might’ve gotten stuck between functions. Slide the spring-loaded power switch on the side to the uppermost position (as if you are turning it on) but hold it there for 20-30 seconds. Release, wait a moment, and see if it will start up normally by sliding it up momentarily.

yes!!! sucess!! THANK YOU thank you THANK YOU!!! yes it is working again! soooo happy!!! You are the Guru, (hands bowing now to you.)

Great! Glad it worked for you!

This should be the 1st thing you do whenever something doesn’t work quite right on these little guys, or it looks like it’s dead! :smiley: