3 month old Fuze won't turn on or anything.

I just bought this fuze no more than 3 months ago,and never dropped it,shook it,got it wet,etc.

I’ve tried a system reset,but the player won’t even turn on.And the battery was a full charge before any of this weird behavior started.Would my best bet be to just return it? 

Try two things first:

Slide the power switch to the spring-loaded ON posistion, and hold it there for 10 seconds to reset the player.  Then try powering up as usual.

Try connecting to your PC as before: does the Fuze light up and connect?

Bob  :dizzy_face:

I originally had the same problem but follow neutron bob’s instructions because mine turned back on jus slide it like you would if you were turning it on and hold it there for ten seconds let go then try to turn it on normally who would of thought thanks again bob and it waz very helpful continue to help people out i appreciate it 110%