Fuze won't turn on.

I was listening to my FUZE while walking around town, and I paused it, only to take it up again a few minutes later to find it had shut itself off, an wouldn’t come back on. IT didn’t take a fall or come into contat with any liquids. I gave it a charge when I got home, but still nothing.

What could most likely have caused this? Is there a way to unlock it?

Ah held down the switch for ages then it worked again :slight_smile: Sorry about that.

By the way, is there anyway I can replace the cover? It’s gotten awful scratched.

Try resetting it by holding the on/off/hold switch in the up position for 10-15 seconds. The player should turn on then.

The case does scratch pretty easy.  Mine is still new so scratches are a minimum right now - but if it gets really bad - I plan to try and buff it out.  Kindof like the scratch removal that people use from plexiglass - or countertops. work down the grits til  you buff out all the scratches to unnoticable. 

I haven’t tried it - but hypothetically - I think it should work nicely.

Im having trouble gettin my sansa fuze to turn on also. I have tried holding the button for 10-15 seconds and still nothing. i have even tried to hold the button for a minute and still nothing. I dont know what else to do. Can anyone help me figure this out. Is there anyway I can get a replacement. I just got it for xmas and it has never been dropped. I was using it one minute and the next minute it wont cut on. Im just trying to find a solution.

Look up products like the Invisible Shield.  The adhesive backing is very compliant, and it will actually hide a multitude of fine scratches.

The face of the Fuze can be polished with a fine cream like Novus or Meguiar’s numbers 10 and 11.

For the nonresponsive Fuze, try connecting to the PC in MSC mode.  You can force an MSC connection by sliding the power switch to the HOLD position (oeange showing) and hold the center button depressed while connecting to the USB port.

With the Fuze plugged in, does it respond with a connected  screen?

If this is the case, let it charge for a little while (check the charging icon- is it “rolling” with a wee lightning bolt?).

You can run chkdsk on the device to check for errors.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: