My Fuze V2 seems to have overheated.

Hey, folks.

So I bought my Fuze about 5 months ago, and I had been using it moderately heavily for that period of time.

But this afternoon, when I tried to charge it via my computer, the device ran extremely hot for some reason. I removed it and let it cool down a bit.

Now my player won’t turn on - via the switch or charging it by my computer. There’s also a burnt smell coming from the charging port and the miniSD slot - I think the battery is busted.

I’ve lost my reciept for the device, and the code on the back peeled away two months ago. I guess I’m SoL - unless there’s a way to fix all this.

The battery probably failed and damaged the adjacent circuit board.

There are many different ways to recover a missing proof of purchase, depending upon the method of payment. Credit card receipts are a great record, and many accounts are searchable online, depending on your card account.

If you purchased the device online, often a confirmation email will be available from the merchant.

If you provided the merchant personal information, perhaps they can pull up a sales receipt for you.

As the device is still under warranty, you can contact SanDisk for assistance as well, I’m confident they’ll help you.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

I paid via debit card. Dunno if I can use that to help me.

I’ve already contacted SanDisk for help. Hope they can help me out here.

There is a big problem with Fuze’s serial number on its back - I also accidentally peeled off the printed number just by pressing my finger over it - now there is just an emptywhite line. That shouldn’t be your problem though, it is Sundisk’s problem: the quality of the paint is extremely poor.

The serial number is also electronically encoded within the device itself in case the number rubs, wears, or fades off of the back cover.

Put your player in MTP mode in Settings > System Settings > USB Mode and connect to your computer. You’ll find the serial number if you right-click on the device in Windows Explorer and select Properties. :smiley:

Since it sounds like the player burned up, I don’t think hes going to be able to mount it in MTP mode.


Alright, nice to know that someone else had trouble with the serial number.

I still can’t believe that I’ve lost two MP3 players in one year due to a battery failiure - my first was a Creative ZEN. I wonder if there’s a connection between the two dead players.